I love my car

THEY only made 20 of these, says Wonthaggi’s Garry Bolding.
He’s talking about the 1997 Holden HSV VS Series II Manta Wagon that Garry recently purchased for his son.
“This is the only one in Victoria and there’s only about three or four in Australia,” he said at the Wonthaggi Car Show.
“My cousin promised it to my son when he turns 18, and so we drove up to Queensland and drove it back home in April.
“My cousin bought it when it was 12 months old and they had it for 20 years.”
The car’s clocked up around 155,000km.
“There are no animals or kids allowed in here,” he said, pointing to the car’s ample backseat space.
“You don’t see cars like this anymore. They were $53,000 when they were new.
“I love white cars, but I had no choice with this one.”