ASSOCIATE Wonthaggi Pony Club members Emily Davey (nee Burns) of Ryanston and Madeline Chalmers of Fish Creek were last week awarded the prestigious Pony Club Association of Victoria ‘Award of Merit’ for outstanding practical assistance to their club.
The presentation of the awards was the highlight of the Pony Club Association of Victoria – West Gippsland Zone AGM held at the Leongatha RSL.
Donna Murley, Wonthaggi PC Life Member spoke on behalf of the club about the girls and their achievements as they were presented with their certificates and badges by West Gippsland State Councillor Laurie Cruise.
To receive the award at the same time made the honour extra special for the girls as they are great friends who met at pony club.
The riding ability of the member plays no part, as this is to be regarded as the highest award for service within the Pony Club movement.
To be considered worthy of this award the associate member must have always been helpful and thoughtful for others and genuinely interested in seeing that the aims of the pony club movement are upheld in the club of which he or she is a member.
This award is to be considered the highest honour for service and only outstanding associate members are considered worthy.
Emily Davey (nee Burns) has been a member of PCAV for 15 years.
Personal achievements include:
* Obtaining D & C Certificates
* 2014 winner of West Gippsland Zone Show Jumping C Grade Series
* Represented Wonthaggi Pony Club and Wonthaggi Pony Club at West Gippsland Zone and State Level in State Show Jumping and Interzone Horse Trials.
Emily has contributed, many hours of work for Wonthaggi PC over numerous years, regularly attending working bees, and helped set up for many events.
Emily thoroughly enjoys being part of Wonthaggi Pony Club and she is well liked and respected by all. When asked to step in as club secretary in September 2016 Emily did not hesitate and did a brilliant job getting all the club records in order.
When the Burns family first joined the pony club there was only a shed and dirt arena out the back of the shed and a cross country area that was very overgrown.
Now with all the hard work of all club members Emily has been involved in four arenas being built, kitchen upgrade, cross country clean-up working with the shire to clear the area near the water jump.
Emily has not been riding over the last few years due to her horse being injured, attending and completing university, working full time and also being recently married; although this has not stopped her actively being involved and making an outstanding contribution to Wonthaggi Pony Club.
Emily is lucky to have made lifelong friends and have some great instructors helping her along the way.
Madeline Chalmers has been a member of the PCAV for 17 years.
Personal achievements include:
* Obtained D, D* C and K – Gold (currently working on attaining her B level certificate)
* 2014 Ride to Time WGZ runner-up
* PCA NCAS preliminary coaching qualification
* Represented Wonthaggi Pony Club and Wonthaggi Pony Club at West Gippsland Zone and State Level in State Horse Trials, Interzone Horse Trials and State Dressage.
In 17 years of pony club membership Maddy has been a regular attendee at rallies and competitions. Maddy is a polite, inclusive, positive and cheerful member who enjoys being a member of pony club.
After stepping into the position of assistant secretary in September 2016 Maddy then took on the position of club secretary in March 2017.
Maddy happily donates her time coaching younger members and has always helped at events whether it is setting up for events, cooking a slice for the canteen, or helping on the day.
Recently she has been involved in the design and build of some of the event show jumping courses.
Maddy has attended and contributed to many improvements made to club facilities and grounds over the years by attending working bees or helping with fundraising for these projects.
Maddy designed and built an arrow head cross country jump herself which she donated to the club as part of a school community project.
Over the last four years Maddy has attended and completed University in Melbourne, started working full time and resides a long distance from the club grounds but has still managed to contribute and put in a great deal of time and exceptional service to Wonthaggi Pony Club.