A meeting of residents concerned about the heavy rate burden in South Gippsland Shire was held on Monday evening, October 1 in Korumburra.
I was delighted to see a diverse range of some 80 locals with varying levels of concern.
Recently resigned Cr Meg Edwards attended and among other things spoke of the need for just basic services such as roads, rates, rubbish as the core business for the shire, with a need to review all the services provided by the shire.
Likewise Cr Don Hill spoke of his push for a 3 per cent rate cut in the Four Year Plan which he believes will come at the end of the four years.
I wondered: “Has he forgotten that the council’s $3.35 million loan must be repaid in July 2019, together with the $59,000 part-year interest?”
And will this be used to justify no rate cut in that particular year?
Don also attempted to convince the audience of his plan to use council’s business acumen in taking on a new IT venture to be on-sold to the surrounding shires.
Time did not permit for counter arguments to be put, based on council’s appalling record with business plans, such as Caravan Parks, HACCs, numerous infrastructure project blunders, inexplicable costings, etc, etc.
Estate agent George Auddino of Korumburra spoke on the $70 per week council and water rates added to the average rent bill. Whether renters or purchasers we all get hit by these exorbitant rates.
Otto Ippel, Leongatha.