THE residents of Hedley, east of Welshpool, and those in the Yarram area affected by the proposal to build 34 wind turbines, are getting worried.
They have been advised of an application by Synergy Wind Pty Ltd for a permit to construct 30 turbines, each 200 metres high, and four turbines, each 180 metres high in the area.
And they have been given a month, until Monday, October 1 (yesterday) to object or make a submission.
Details of the project, including proposed locations for the turbines, can be viewed at the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning’s offices at 310 Commercial Road, Yarram and also in East Melbourne.
A local resident, Maree Avery of Telegraph Road Hedley, says the closest turbine to her house will be about 2.3km away but at a height of 200 metres, she feels they will tower over the surrounding area.
“When you consider the MCG lights are 85 metres high and these are 200 metres high, to the tip of the blade, that’s absolutely enormous,” Mrs Avery said.
“They’re twice as tall as the ones at Toora and bigger even than the ones at Tarwin Lower.
“They be clearly visible along the South Gippsland Highway, between Hedley and the Alberton River at Alberton and then go up the Albert River towards Gelliondale
“People there will be surrounded but my concern is that there’s not enough known about it. We haven’t been properly consulted with and submissions and objections should have been in already.
“We’ve been jumping up and down about it but no one is hearing us.”
She said the turbines would be located at various sites around Hedley, Gelliondale, Alberton West and Tooloonook where the proponent has adopted a divide and rule mentality, asking enough landowners until they get the area they need.
“It’s dividing the community. They haven’t got their planning permit yet but if it goes on like this, without anyone knowing the implications, they will get it,” she said..
Opponents of the project have called a meeting at the Hedley Hall on Tuesday, October 9 at 7pm. Everyone welcome.
“I would expect to see some very annoyed residents there. Up to 100 properties are affected in 3km radius of the turbines
“There’s an online petition going, Save Yarram, run by Alan McDonald and our Facebook page ‘No Alberton Wind Turbines’ has got 200+ members. It’s starting to gain momentum.
“But it’s also getting nasty, they are defacing our anti-wind farm signs.
“It’s pitting neighbour against neighbour, but we’ve seen that before,” she said.
“I’d like to see the shires doing a bit more.”