As the Independent candidate for the Upper House of Eastern Region for the state election in November, I’ve issued a challenge to all candidates to participate in a debate.
The approach is for community groups and organisations to have community meetings where by candidates can explain their positions and respond to questions.
As a candidate, I’m noticing the very negative feeling that exists in the community in relation to politicians. Comments like – “they only show interest in us at election time”, “too many politicians seem more interested in furthering their own careers than in serving the country”.
As candidates we need to change this feeling of frustration and give confidence back to the institution of parliament.
It is vital that the public are aware of issues impacting on their area:
• Health services
• Train travel
• Cost of living
• Police
• Planning
• Protection of farming land and farming
• Use of the lakes
• Extraction industries
• Drought strategy, plus others.
It is time to hear and reflect on the journey for the next four years from those that seek your vote.
Michael Fozard, candidate for the Eastern Region, Trafalgar.