As a woman, I am concerned that the level of reported sexual assault has increased in our Shire.
The Crimes Statistics Agency has reported an increase to 145 sexual offences in the year to June 2018, when in 2009 there were 21 reports.
The stationing of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse and Investigation Team (SOCIT) annexed in Wonthaggi have their work cut out for them.
I read that the increase of reporting has something to do with the recently concluded Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse in institutions.
People long silent, have come forward to report sexual abuse in the light of so much protracted discussion in our community about these matters.
The placing of police in Wonthaggi, who specialise in this work is valued by me, and probably by the wider community.
If this is where the increased funding by the Andrews Sate Government into policing, is going, good on them!
Joan McGaw, San Remo.