Deborah Scott’s letter in the Sentinel-Times, November 13, regarding the possibility of Leongatha hosting a country music festival certainly struck a chord [pun intended] with me.
People who know me would be aware of my love of country music and I am of the belief that something along those lines could certainly happen here in our town, with help from the right people and organisations.
There is a vibrant country music scene in the Latrobe Valley, but nothing of any size in South Gippsland.
It could be run over a couple of days, say a Saturday and Sunday, with the first day devoted to local groups, duos and solo performers in either of the hotels or the RSL club and busking in the street and on the second day we would need to book a drawcard group or performers to attract patrons, backed up by local artists.
With the proposed development of the railway yards, a perfect opportunity exists to build a sound shell at the southern end to cater for all types of entertainment.
Another thought on enhancing the main street scene, could Lyon Street be closed to traffic and a roof put over it with random seating and a small stage area. It could be used for a variety of activities.
Provision for the parking of caravans and motorhomes for a few days would need to be seriously considered as there are a lot of grey nomads travelling the country who go from festival to festival on a regular basis.
South Gippsland Shire Council has an arts development officer and I believe that this idea should be investigated by her.

Graeme Drury, Leongatha.