A flawed consultation process has led to an unfortunate outcome in San Remo. Many ratepayers are distressed at the lack of communication regarding the planning of a skate park on the foreshore of the village.
It would seem that school communities, traders, and a few locals were involved in the planning or consultation, whereas the majority of ratepayers were not given the opportunity to be included in the process.
In other words, those who would see the park in a favourable light were involved where those who may have had other opinions were only informed after the consultation process was over and the concept was a done deal.
Apparently, the council passed approval of the plan this week.
As a very high proportion of the ratepayers in San Remo are over the age of 50, it would seem their input should be vital to the decision-making process.
It is not that a skatepark is not wanted, it’s just that there are perceived major problems with the placement within a shared parkland area on the foreshore – the loss of green space to make room for a concrete construction, the proximity to the cenotaph, the added congestion in an already very busy area, the disruption to the children’s playgrounds, dangers to pedestrians, intrusive lighting at night and the loss of sea change atmosphere.
There are other underutilised venues in San Remo; such as the area adjacent to the Recreation Hall or the Lions Park that could accommodate this facility adequately and within a recreational environment which would not impinge on the general ambiance of the village.
There are reasons why people choose to retire to a charming fishing village and these are being eroded.
Jean Dunstan, San Remo.