THE wild weather in South Gippsland caused problems for many, not least being the business people of Korumburra where there were 1566 retailers and residents without power for more than an hour, between 9.30am and 10.30am this morning.

But another person caught by the sudden burst of wind and rain was this truck driver who had the fearful experience of sliding down the hill, towards the cliff, on the dangerous bends along the Korumburra-Wonthaggi just north of the township of Kongwak.

The driver of the Laminex delivery truck told passersby that the truck slid to a precarious stop, half over the edge and half on the side of the road, but he got out very quickly just in case it toppled over.

“All good mate, just waiting for a tow truck,” was the stoic reply sometime later but not before dozens of other motorists stopped or slowed down with offers of help on the problematic section or road.

SO it wasn’t distraction, either by mobile phone or the awesome view, just an unlucky shower of rain reducing the road to a skating rink for the few minutes before the hapless truck driver came along.

The promotional material on the side of the truck reads “the modern Stone Age is here”, if you think that has any relevance to his predicament.

The road was only closed momentarily while a tow truck pulled the delivery truck to safety, none the worse for wear, truck or driver.