Bass, handily located between Coronet Bay and San Remo, could be the site of a boating marina, under a proposal by a local resident. (site circled)

THE coastal town of Bass would be home to a massive marina servicing hundreds of anglers, under a proposal by a local resident. Corinella’s Michael Tsaousidis who is seeking community support to build the marina, clubhouse and barbeque facilities on a 20 acre lot on the Bass foreshore, just off Pilots Lane and around 4km from the Bass Caltex. He owns the large parcel of land and has already spoken to local politicians about the project. He’s now calling on the community to speak to their local MP and candidates to show support for the project. 

A MARINA with a clubhouse, barbeques and other facilities could be set-up on the foreshore in Bass.
And there’s an empty 20 acre lot that’s ripe for the taking, according to a local resident.
He’d know – cause he owns the land.
Michael Tsaousidis, a Corinella resident and Bass property owner, last week revealed plans to design and build a marina and clubhouse just off Pilots Lane.
It’s about 4km from the Bass Caltex, off the Bass Highway.
Now he’s calling on the local community, and anglers, to start raising their voices if they’re in support of the proposed plans.
“There’s this vast area at Pilots Lane,” Michael said from his Corinella home last week.
“I want to make it friendly for everyone; for fishermen, and for families who want to have barbeques.
“For the people. They spend a lot of money on fishing. This would have a floating pontoon, boat ramps – all of it.”
He’s been thinking about the plans for a while now and has already contacted some local politicians about the proposal.
But he says it’s time for people to knock on their local MP’s door if they too want to see a marina.
“This marina would be on a 10, 15 or even 20 acre lot, with toilet block and all the usuals.
“But I want to know, is there community support?
“I just want to see some support to progress this project.
“If people want to see it, then they need to start talking to their local politicians so we can garner that support.”
The marina would offer anglers direct access to Western Port Bay.
It’s also expected to ease waiting times at nearby boat ramps, with busy times ahead for summer.
“There’s Mordialloc and Newhaven and all these other places with great facilities – and people love them,” Michael said.
“But we need something for people on this side.”
Michael’s also keen to get his boat out on the water more regularly after the marina’s set-up.
“You got to have a go at these things,” he said.