Murphy said: “Smile and be happy because things could be worse”. So, I smiled and was happy and sure enough things got worse.
Which brings us to the local Committee of Management, which are about to commence a Safety Trial at South Walkerville. This trial is programed to start on Boxing Day this year and finish on January 31, 2019.
However, a major element of the trial, those wishing to launch or recover boats at South Walkerville, are to be banned from the beach during the trial. This is a farce.
How can any survey/trial be conducted if it is not under normal conditions and include elements?
In my view, this is only all a guise to permanently close South Walkerville to boaters over holiday periods. The chairman of the Committee of Management is on record at recent ratepayers’ AGM stating that view.
Perhaps, as every politician knows, never conduct a survey or trial until being very sure of the outcome.
Don Atkins, Pakenham/Wakerville.