Mervyn Forrester and Graham Hughes look over the big yarding of store cattle at the VLE Leongatha Saleyards last Thursday. M024618

AGENTS drew for 4000 store cattle at Leongatha Saleyards last Thursday, November 8, even to the point of some producers holding some stock back to avoid an over supplied market.
But they needn’t have worried because the bigger numbers didn’t deter the buyers as the 3600- head, mixed-quality yarding that came forward met a very strong market for all types of stock.
The yarding consisted of 2500 steers, 850 heifers and 250 cows and calves, springers and store cows that were consigned from the local area as well as the normal good numbers from East Gippsland.
With some excellent local falls of rain from 25mm to 70mm in the days leading up to the sale, it certainly had an impact on the market as all the regular feedlot buyers and local agents and graziers operated strongly, especially on the well-bred lines.
Most cattle were firm to $50 dearer across most grades but there were some feature lines of Angus steer weaners which could be a further $100 dearer with rates in the $3.60 to $3.80 bracket that haven’t been seen for some time that were keenly sort by repeat buyers.
Examples of rates included: Beef steers – A Jelbart, 15 Angus, 18 months old, 468kg @ 2.97 average $1390; Faulkner Lees, 12 Angus, 15 months 444 kg @ 3.13c/kg average $1390; Hines Vegetables, 34 Hereford 16 months 457kg @ 2.81 c/kg average $1286; maitland Downs, 22 Angus 11-13 months 390kg @ 3.53c/kg average $1380; G & L Anthony, 21 hereford 11-13 months, 344kg @ 3.28c/kg average $1130.
X/Bred & Dairy Steers: JKD Pastoral, 8 Ang x 2yo, 560k @ 2.58c/kg average $1450, Henderson Farms, 9 Fries, 2yo, 471kg @ 2.12c/kg average $1000.
Heifers: A Conisbee, 15 Ang, 16mths, 370kg @ 2.75 average $1020; G + J Gerrand, 18 Angus, 280kg @ 2.79c/ average $780.
Cows & Calves: B & G Missen 42 Angus Cows & calves $1200. Harmony Ag 18×18 heifers & calves $1190, P Cashman 14 Ang cows 416kg @ 2.12 $880. P Cashman, 39 HH & BB cows 439kg @ 1.69 $743.