We have never been fans of the media, having seen several times the disrespect shown to victims of a ‘good story.’
However, the latest effort by your reporter who doesn’t identify him or herself in the November 6 edition, page 10, with the headline: “Why ‘the Hyphen’ turned us down”.
This is typical of your reporters’ disdain and disrespect for the former Mayor of South Gippsland, Mr Nigel Hutchinson-Brooks.
We have known Mr Hutchinson-Brooks since he first came to South Gippsland many years ago, and found him to be a gentleman of the first order, and to read about him as ‘The Hyphen’ is absolutely disgusting, and extremely rude.
He has served the South Gippsland Shire representing the ratepayers of Tarwin Valley Ward for several years and therefore deserves much better regard than you have displayed. We trust that an apology will be printed in next week’s edition. Yours faithfully, M & M Robson, Leongatha.

Editor: You are right, of course, and we apologise unreservedly to Mr Hutchinson-Brooks and anyone else who may have been offended.