By Michelle Landy, Walkerville Foreshore Reserve Committee

KEEPING back the tide and foreshore erosion impact along Walkerville North’s narrow coastline is an ongoing issue.
With the advice of experts, the Walkerville Foreshore Committee has overseen extensive rock wall construction to protect erosion impact along the foreshore road.
The car parking sections leading to boat launching area were also redesigned as part of this project. Parking spaces are now better defined.
A daily aerial survey was commissioned in January 2017 at Walkerville North to assess parking usage over the peak January period.
Photographs and trailer counts were done daily.
The photographic survey showed an average of 10 cars-trailers parked each day throughout January. On the highest usage day there were 30 car-trailers parked, and on the lowest usage day there were zero car-trailers parked.
Parking provision for cars with boat trailers was a priority. Advice and recommendations was sort from experts on planning for road and parking layout.