By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

THE unsettled weather is helping people catch up on all those chores around the home and get the Christmas shopping done, but I expect when the weather improves again, we will see busy times at the boat ramps and jetties.
The best of the weather was late Thursday, Friday and Saturday, with Sunday taking a bit of a dive- and that was exactly what was reflected in our reports from this week.
On Saturday, the weather didn’t quite know what it wanted, but the waterways and jetties were busy nevertheless, and those who persevered through the wind that was forecast bought some quality fish in to weigh.
The news wasn’t as good for everyone, and plenty seemed to miss out altogether, just in the wrong spot.
The only group that had the same story were those chasing whiting- everyone seemed to miss out while chasing them, with only a handful of reports coming in this week.
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The snapper reports this week all came from the shallow areas, and everyone I spoke to that was fishing deep got donuts.
We saw and weighed some quality snapper over Friday and Saturday, with the best just under 6kg, but several around the low 5kg and high 4kg mark. There were also plenty of pinkies, and the medium-size ones seemed to have moved in with great numbers, with only a few of smaller ones showing up.
They are still set to turn up in the huge numbers they normally do at this time of the year, although possibly a little early. The best area was across the 6m section of the corals, and successful people told us they just stayed in the one spot and burley the fish to them.
I had a couple of customers tell me that they sounded fish in the channels, but nothing they did would get them to take a bait.
The reports we got came from all times of the day and levels of tide, and there weren’t any sort of patterns at all, other than the fact that squid or pilchards were the way to go for bait.
Once again, this week, we had reports from people getting bitten off after a short but heavy run, and it varied from just the hooks gone to halfway up the leader.
One customer got bitten off twice in a matter of minutes, and decided to set up a small wire trace.
All he had on the boat, however, was a charter special, so not a lot of stopping power, as he found out, telling me the story whilst I was spooling the reel up for him again.
A couple of quality gummies were caught this week, with most coming from off the Cowes area in the deep channels.
One that wasn’t weighed because it was returned to the water to swim away was over 6′ long and full of pups.
There were a couple over the 10kg reported. and the rest between 6 and 8kg from that area, with several closer to 4kg from the other parts of the bay from those chasing snapper.
We had two keepers reported from down in Cleeland Bight, and the rougher weather kept people from fishing the reefs offshore.
The best bait for gummies this week were tuna, accounting for more that half of those reported, pilchards and squid for the rest.
The best of the land-based reports have been of calamari from beaches and jetties, with only a handful of other fish reported.
It was a mixture of baited and artificial jigs this week, with the water conditions changing all the time.
The reports were also a bit inconsistent for the best time, with the usual change of light not always the time to be there, especially on the San Remo jetty.
Some of the best reports for the week came from the middle of the tide during the day, and it was really just a case of being there at the right time.
The beaches were a little more consistent with the better times in the evening, but this, again was not always the case.
The only thing that stood out was that the daytime reports were generally of bigger but fewer fish, whilst the evening brought greater numbers of mixed sizes.