A KORUMBURRA Bowling Club member has reached a major milestone, celebrating his 60th year with the club in 2018.
Bruce Peters joined the club in September 1958, along with Ansell Biggs, Tom Lewry and Cam McQueen.
At 27, Bruce was the youngest member at the time, and the new foursome were proposed, accepted and warmly welcomed into the bowling club.
Etiquette and discipline played a huge part of the game at the time, with a very strict dress code for members consisting of creams, white shirts, a dark tie and a sports blazer.
After being shown the correct way to stand on the mat and deliver a bowl, the new ‘awesome foursome’ would meet at the club every evening after work and have a practice.
They would place a shilling each on the plinth for the winners, with some of the senior members watching on, not at all approving of the small wager they had placed until Mr AN Alp, one of the founding members, said “the only thing wrong with their little games was that he wasn’t allowed to play!”

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