ELECTION officials are still distributing the preferences in the State Seat of Bass today, Wednesday, December 5, and are likely to declare the result in Wonthaggi tomorrow.

At present the Liberal’s Brian Paynter is ahead of the Labor candidate Jordan Crugnale by 367 votes on first preferences but that lead is expected to be easily overtaken once 2817 Green’s preferences are distributed, most of which are expected to heavily favour Ms Crugnale.

The result will then come down to the distribution of the minor party and independent preferences where it is expected that those who voted for Clare Le Serve and the Shooters and Fishers candidate Frank Ripa will decide the issue.

Despite being closely associated with the farming community, Mrs Le Serve directed her preferences to the Labor candidate and these have reportedly been flowing at a rate of upwards of 60 per cent to Ms Crugnale.

Also, somewhat unexpectedly, the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers’ party votes are also favouring Ms Crugnale after they also opted to direct preferences her way.

The indicative ‘two party preferred’ result posted at 11.30am today, Wednesday, December 5 has Ms Crugnale at 25,821 votes as compared to Mr Paynter’s 24,011; a lead of 1810 votes but this is yet to be confirmed by the actual counting of preferences.

The result is expected to be announced on the VEC Website tomorrow.