Here we go again. Noxious weed season in Gippsland.
Another appalling year of government heads turning the other way.
We live in a dichotomous Nanny State. On one hand there is an abundance of fussy regulations that impinge on people’s rights yet on the other something so clearly and obviously important as a general policy on noxious weed control is brushed aside.
For example, try and get a farm permit to put up a large machinery shed and watch the red tape fly. Try and get a government rep who purports to have a concern for country people and the environment to explain why he/she doesn’t give a rat’s arse about forests of noxious weeds threatening to break up communities.
Who are the Napoleons and Generals of the zombie legions and advancing armies of out of control thistles, blackberries and ragwort marching across our farmland?
The seat polishers, that’s who.
They are too busy counting down the days to their fat pensions to look to the welfare of their constituents and the countryside that sustains them. Too busy sucking the fat from their Christmas chops.
Yes, the festive season is approaching and so are the noxious weeds.
Our pollies might be anticipating the rustle of Christmas paper as it falls away from a nice new shiny tie.
I’m anticipating the hollow in my gut as I swat thistle and ragwort fluff away from my Christmas pie.
For how much longer is this insidious policy of non-enforcement of noxious weeds going to continue? Can farmers sue the government for their lack of intervention in such a major environmental gaffe? What about the escalating costs, time and labour incurred, not to mention pain and suffering?
Why the hell NOT are recalcitrant farmers forced to address their criminal and vandalistic refusal to address noxious weeds on their properties, which, of course, immediately and drastically affects their neighbours?
Do something!
Christine Webb, Mountain View.