Trevor Wilson is congratulated by ACS captain and noted cricket writer Ken Piesse.

By Garry Knox

THE Kookaburras Over 60 cricketers are going places. On Sunday, most of the Kookaburras hopped on the local cricket bus and headed off to play a match against the well-credentialed Australian Cricket Society.
Where else but trendy Brighton could such a match take place?
If the game wasn’t a trip down memory lane, the bus trip certainly was. There’s something about a bus trip. Team spirit, camaraderie, a chance to get to know your teammates, a team with common purpose.
The things you learn. Our leg spinner let it slip that he played the ukulele. Before long, half the team admitted to owning a ukulele. This led to a rendition of ‘You are my sunshine’.
Sapphires got mentioned, so did expensive foals that have constipation one minute and diarrhea the next. Politics, families, overnight rain, overseas trips to luxury destinations, work situations…
The mandatory stop at Maccas, we did it all.

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