By Michael Giles

TO GIVE Daniel Andrews his due, he pretty much ran a 12-month campaign to get re-elected in Victoria, offering largess in key electorates for months and months before the flag officially dropped to start the campaign.
So where is the Coalition from Canberra, and their opponents for that matter?
The election is almost certainly set for May next year, a month after the Budget is handed down. But why wait until then?
We want to see more of the sitting MPs and the candidates out in the electorates handing out money or promising what they are going to do if they get elected.
And the Federal Member for McMillan, Russell Broadbent, could start by getting a few
Commonwealth Government Ministers down here to see what we need.
Unless they’ve already thrown the towel in that is.
And what we need, first-up Mr Broadbent, is a $2.7 million grant from the Australian Government’s Building Better Regions Fund to match the shire’s own $2.7 million for the revitalisation of Bair Street, Leongatha.
The $15,000 you got for the Korumburra Bowls Club, featured at the opening of their new shelters last Saturday, was very welcome but it’s chicken feed in the scheme of things and it’s time you and your mates stumped up, especially in the electorates that support you.
What’s the point of sitting on a pile of cash and waiting for
Labor to win the election, which they will almost certainly do, and then an electorate like McMillan (Monash) will never get anything.
The South Gippsland Shire Council has a whole range of infrastructure projects in Leongatha and Korumburra in particular that require serious funding including the redevelopment of the railway yards in both towns and the extension of the Great Southern Rail Trail.
But where is that money going to come from?
It’s time to roll up your sleeves, Mr Broadbent, and to work hand in hand with the local shire and the community to get these projects funded before the Coalition is out on its ear.
If you can’t do it, better hand over to someone who can.