THE United Dairyfarmers of Victoria (UDV) elected a new president and vice president at its Policy Council meeting
recently in Melbourne with Paul Mumford taking the reins as president and John Keely as vice president.
Mr Mumford, from Won Wron, said Victorian farmers need to have a strong voice through improved and more sustainable representation.
“I look forward to working with the UDV Council, staff team and members to deliver a more unified and collaborative approach that achieves outcomes for farmers.
“People are first and foremost for the UDV,” Mr Mumford said.
“We must build our communication with dairy farmers to understand their concerns; provide professional policy, support and advocacy; and engage on their behalf with decision-makers and the broader agriculture sector,” he said.
“I am ready for a new challenge and I take this role very seriously. I will be open and honest and follow due process, and at the end of the day, my core role is to fight for farmers.
“The UDV Policy Council has appointed me until the Annual Meeting in May, at which time the members will have the opportunity to cast their vote.
“In my first 100 days, I will be engaging across the industry – our members, non-members, dairy organisations and decision-makers – to listen and progress our immediate issues including water and the mandatory dairy code.
“Should I be re-elected to continue in this role in May, there are a number of longer term goals on our agenda including the milk price structure, the mandatory code completion, roads, energy, the right structure for our national body, and expanding our UDV membership structure. I am very keen for the UDV to have a much greater representation of next generation farmers.
“In taking on this role, I want to acknowledge the work of Adam Jenkins who has guided UDV through an extraordinarily challenging period.
“All commodities have their challenges, but Adam could not have foreseen the events that have unfolded during his presidency. He has worked tirelessly to drive the best outcome for all dairy farmers.
“I look forward to working with John Keely, the UDV Policy Council, staff, and our members to rebuild our industry trust and to strive for positive outcomes in profitability and sustainability for Victoria’s dairy farmers,” Mr Mumford said.
After an initial stint in a bank, Paul and his wife Lisa chose a career in dairy farming.
Today, their dairy farm in Won Wron consists of 330 hectares of dryland farming, running 450 jersey cows in peak operation with support from staff.
Paul has a long history in the dairy industry as a Nuffield Scholar, industry mentor, committee member of DataGene Data and Services Standings, and an ADF (Australian Dairy Farmers) National Councillor.