WHEN the disastrous fires of March this year destroyed 40,000 hectares, eight homes and hundreds of head of stock in the Camperdown, Warrnambool and Hamilton areas; South Gippsland’s farmers responded.
And when there was 30 or so bales left over from that special effort, they rustled around the countryside locally in the past few weeks and made up a couple more loads to go to East Gippsland.
They know how good we have it here, in God’s Own Country, by comparison and the same people are planning to hit local farmers up again for some fresh hay during what looks like being bumper hay season here, if silage-making efforts are any indication.
Bass Coast VFF Vice President Bill Cleeland was delighted with the short-notice response his team got from locals again in the past few weeks and he can assure everyone that the hay has gone to a very good cause.
“One load went up to Dargo and one to Giffard down near Yarram,” said Bill Cleeland.
“Basically, when we had the fires in Hamilton earlier this year, we organised to collect hay for them but it didn’t all go. We still had 30 bales left.
A truckload of those has gone to Dargo but we also had a call for some more and another truckload was put together in the last few weeks and that has gone to Giffard.
“The bloke who organised it down there is a VFF member and he got word back from the farmer who was ecstatic.
“I haven’t been myself, but reports are that conditions are desperate across East Gippsland.
“We’re looking to make up another load now as we’ve got a bloke willing to donate some silage.
“We’re coming into our own hay season now too, so we hope to get some more to send down.
“Anyone who would like to donate some bales from this year’s crop can get in touch with me on 0447 242 583 and we’ll organise the transport.
“I just want to say how grateful we are for the support we’ve received.” He said.
Mr Cleeland was elected vice president and Neville Chapman president at the Bass Coast VFF Branch’s AGM recently.