IT’S a case of ‘the good news or the bad news’ with rubbish collections across Bass Coast this summer.
The bottom line is that the Bass Coast Shire Council has not acceded to the strong message coming from the community, that they want weekly ‘landfill’ waste collections from Christmas through January.
It’s not going to happen and the scenes we have seen in recent times of overflowing bins waiting for incoming holidaymakers to arrive will be repeated this summer.
The shire has, however, tried to make some compromises.
You can put your recycle bin (yellow lid) and your organics bin (green lid) out every week from Thursday, December 27 (on your collection day) and you can increase your landfill bin capacity to 240 litres for an extra $55.81.
You may also qualify for a free upgrade (see below).
Here’s a note from the shire:
“Christmas Day collections will be collected on Boxing Day.

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