THE Newhaven Primary School opened its doors in 1890; however the school building built in 1922 that came from the current school grounds still sits proudly in Newhaven and is now a family home that has been lived in by the Beaumonts for the past 18 years.
At 11 Wencliff Court, Newhaven, the school building sits with pride overlooking its original school ground site where a new school was built in the early 2000s.
The Beaumont family took it on with great vision to transform it into their home and save it from demolition to ensure preservation of the Newhaven history for decades to come.
The home is now up for sale and if you’re the type that appreciates history and character filled architecture then this is worth taking a look at.
You just cannot build almost 100 years of character into a new home. As a 26 square building this school is a unique, exciting and spacious home.
The lounge room which you enter from the north facing sun filled front deck and veranda is untouched and still represents a classroom where its owner fondly attended as a child.
It has a wall of blackboards with the alphabet across the top just as many would remember from their school days.
All the Belco school chalk and dusters are still scattered across the ledge as is that huge school blackboard ruler that some of us were a bit scared of!
The picture of Queen Elizabeth is overseeing the room as she did in all schools of that era and a display of tiny milk bottles sits on the window sill.
The ceiling is very high and is entirely hardwood as are the walls and floors.
The platforms have long gone but the gorgeous school cupboard that stood proudly at the end of most platforms is a feature of this lounge room.
You may remember opening the huge doors to find coloured paper, Clag bottles, and paint brushes, jars of little metal scissors, coloured pencils and crayons back when you were at school.
The blackboard holds an original school Australian roll down map and a vintage 100th chart. And a little wooden desk and abacus on a stand sits under the window. This is all very warm and welcoming and evokes childhood memories in abundance.
Room 2 and 3 as they were once known are split into three bedrooms and a rumpus room as well as a study – space is certainly plentiful.
The huge corridor that led to each classroom in its day now holds a tasteful kitchen with the usual bells and whistles and the sports storage room at the end of the hall is now the butler’s pantry.
The corridor has colonial windows all down its length that look into each classroom and the original huge wooden doors that open into each room are still a sturdy feature.
The original bag hooks that used to hold vinyl Skippy the kangaroo school bags are still in use down the corridor and in the bathroom and en-suite as towel hooks. The external original double doors open out onto a deck from the kitchen and overlook the school ground just over the back fence.
A bubble tap sink is a great ice holder for your barbecue drinks and is attached to the fence alongside the Newhaven Primary School notice board. Everything was put to good use.
The master bedroom is huge as are all the bedrooms. It has an en-suite in the end of the corridor accessed by one of those sturdy classroom doors surrounded by colonial windows and there is a walk-in robe.
The laundry and bathroom is in two separate office spaces adjacent to the corridor and are wrapped in corrugated iron as a feature.
The Newhaven Primary School is old and respectful; it is heading fast to 100 years of age. It is not perfect, it has lines and scars and many stories within its strong walls.
It sits with pride in the crown of a court which is so quiet and private and houses the laugh of a huge kookaburra family and whistling finches in the surrounding trees. It is romantic and simply magical.
The owner adores it as her home and hopes whoever can put new energy into it will appreciate the history and the warmth it gives as a family home as it has done for them for many years.
For more details about this property, phone Leanne Poulton from Discover Residential on 0437 441 127.