NEW MG Trading team member Russell Keenan has 30 years of combined industry sales experience and now leads the business’s technical and sales representation.
Although based at Leongatha, ‘Rusty’ works closely with the local store network, supporting customers in Dumbalk, Korumburra, Wonthaggi and Warragul, primarily sustaining South Gippsland’s dairy, beef and sheep industries.
This role is critical to the MG Trading business which proudly offers customers in store and on farm expertise.
Prior to MG Trading, Russell gained over nine years’ experience at the Australian-owned Tasman Chemicals and recently spent time with leading fodder conservation business, Tapex AGRI.
With extensive local knowledge, he notes it is unusual for days to pass without learning something new from each farmer he visits. Russell remains humble.
“I’ll be the first to admit that previous experience combined with daily learning and teaching from those on the ground go hand in hand,” he said.
“I have a real passion for farmers and I am more than willing to help out where possible.”
He encourages those who may be hesitant to seek out help. There is great benefit in having a frank and genuine discussion about their needs.
New farmers to the region, Clinton Ballagh and his partner Amy Cosby, run a dairy farm at Leongatha South – a 220 acre, 200 dairy cow property. They were one such couple in doubt about particular issues they faced concerning teat spray.
By chance, Amy met Russell at a Warragul convention and he suggested a ‘free on loan’ unit as opposed to multiple 20 litre teat spray drums.
In next to no time the family was equipped with a unit from Tasman, supplied spray from MG Trading and saved thousands of dollars.
“We were new to the region, previously from New South Wales,” Clinton said.
“Meeting Russell and the subsequent provision of the unit has saved us enormously. With difficulties in finding reliable farm labour and increasing fuel, grain and hay prices, we need to save everywhere we can. Rusty certainly delivered on that front,” Clinton said.
You never know what might turn up on the ‘bush telegraph’. It is no doubt many others have already heard of Rusty.
You can contact Russell directly on 0481 004 801 or speak to your local MG Trading store if you would like to arrange an on-farm consultation with him.