EMERGENCY services were called to the scene of an unusual, even mysterious event at Moyarra, south of Bena last Wednesday.
They were alerted by neighbours to a report that lightning had struck a power pole along Anderson Inlet Road, north of the Moyarra settlement, and completely severed the pole about three metres from the top.
High voltage lines were still live as the broken pole hung, only centimetres off the roadway, although the lines themselves were out of reach.
Ausnet responded quickly by turning off power to the area and were valso one scene within about half an hour, ready to start work on initially a temporary repair, to get the power back on, and then a pole replacement.
Senior Constable Steve Van Hammond was at the scene, with a colleague from the Korumburra Police, directing traffic through the scene.
He said a neighbour believed the broken pole had been struct by lightning and two CFA units, one from Korumburra and another from Kongwak attended to hose down both the broken pole, and the piece left standing.
“There’s hardly a cloud in the sky but the neighbour believes it was a lightning strike.”
One of the workers from Ausnet said he understood the neighbour heard “a crack” and it might have been that the pole simply broke off.
Either way, the scene was quickly made safe for the travelling public and also local farmers. It is not known how long it took Ausnet to restore the power.