On New Year’s Eve, at a local gathering, I spoke to many people of the potential loss of our Mobile Library to our towns.
I was astonished at their shocked reaction. Many didn’t know and without exception they all disagreed with such a near sighted decision, especially in a fast-growing area.
Quite aside from the political wrangling over this issue there is a human side. Let me tell a couple of specific instances.
One man was so upset because his wife did not drive and with three small children, walking to the library for new books to read was the highlight of their week.
Another, a young man I suspect might have had mental issues, said he loved the library because he could go there by himself to pick books.
Another elderly couple said their driving ability was diminishing and they would be unable to drive to the nearest big library.
Another gentleman from elsewhere said his town had a mobile library and if they lost it, he would move.
There were many, many more and I became aware that feelings are running high in the waterline towns and if councillors and other decision makers do not heed the rumblings they are going to be voted out of office.
I believe that with the increase in rates from growth in the area, using a small proportion of this to continue this amenity makes sense.
What else does council give to these communities in return for their rates?
Diana Lutz, Coronet Bay.