Silence is golden and so are the hills. The brazen colour of ragwort.
The terrifyingly established perennial Yellow Peril.
This evening’s sunset has lit up the hills like a golden avalanche.
A serious case of jaundice.
I’m jaundiced. I’ve had enough of govt. departments turning the other cheek.
Silence is golden. There’s a cowardly silence.
I was assured today that noxious weeds are of course still policed. The govt. rep. on the other end of the phone said it was unfortunate that he was unable to assist me further in this matter, being from the dept. of fire and environment.
He was also unable to steer me in the right direction. He was also in a hell of a hurry to get off the phone which he did very quickly.
Where to from here?
How about a busload of business-suited geezers coming out here in hard hats and gas masks for a bit of a look?
If they were to embark on some action now these hills and gullies might just about be cleaned up in half a century’s time.
No worries.
Be a hero someone. Save our countryside. Stop making a mockery of the lives of those who care.
Christine Webb, Mountain View.