AFTER heading to the Tamworth Songwriters Association Songwriting Awards, Inverloch band Souly Us – consisting of Kate Appleyard and Ben Mawdsley – have returned victorious.
They received the prestigious title of APRA AMCOS New Songwriter of the Year for their debut song release ‘Meant to Be’.
They described the experience as one full of excitement and possibility, proving to themselves what they are capable of and pushing them to work even harder in the future.
Lead vocalist and back up guitarist Kate Appleyard had this to say: “When they announced our name, Ben and I just looked at each other in complete and utter amazement.
“They started playing the chorus of our song loudly and we got to walk through the crowd to the stage, say our speech and hold our beautiful trophies. [It’s] a moment we will always remember.”
Lead guitarist and backing vocalist Ben Mawdsley was similar in his reaction: “My jaw dropped in shock, not that I didn’t feel that we could win it, but it was such a huge deal to be up for the award in the first place.
“We were against incredible and talented songwriters in these awards and to have our name read out as the winner, well that was a moment I won’t forget.”
The band is looking forward to doing a lot more song writing and performing in the future, hoping to travel and take their music to people across the world.
“We are so appreciative for the support of our local community and the people who know us, but we can’t wait to see where our music can take us.
“This is our passion and what we feel we were born to do.”