Re: Skate park at San Remo foreshore and the community meeting at San Remo Bowls Club on January 21; three councillors for our constituency and one or two council officers were to attend to answer questions re the above project.
Unfortunately, the council officers once again failed to attend. In relation to this Cr Kent advised us that an e-mail had been sent to one of the council officers and that this became sufficient excuse for the non-attendance.
I would add that this type of non-attendance by council officers has, unfortunately, become the norm.
The meeting was attended by so many residents that they could not all fit into the bowls club rooms.
The meeting began with councillors Kent and Ellis taking turns at reading a most asked questions and answers provided by the council. After this, questions were called for from those attending.
Several excellent questions were asked and issues raised. Strangely, during this period, Cr Le Serve saw fit to publicly defend Crs Kent and Ellis from the perceived attacks on them. I am not sure why she thought it necessary to take reasonable questions personally.
At one point, Cr Kent promised to take the concerns of those at the meeting to the council.
He also undertook to ascertain whether or not a majority of residents and ratepayers were against the positioning of a skate park on the San Remo foreshore.
Further to this he guaranteed that if this is fact, the skate park would not go ahead. I must admit I was surprised at this and quite sceptical.
The councillors failed to understand or just did not want to know the level of anger that this community has at the total lack of communication and being completely ignored by the council, councillors and all who had a hand in this decision.
When asked about this lack of communication Cr Kent advised that the council advertised the project.
On inspection of the Convic background document we find that advertising of workshops, online surveys etc. and distribution of information was restricted to the council website, Convic Facebook and Instagram and five skate and skate park organisations.
No attempt to inform the general community. No attempt to advise the general community that there was a need to search the council website.
It would seem that the council attitude was, if we put this on our website then we have done all that we need to and if the community does not see it then we can move on without their input.
I wonder how much of a say in this strategy our elected representatives had.
Trevor Brown, San Remo.