THE Coronet Bay Community Garden was born at a recent meeting of 20 people (plus six apologies) in the Fred Gration Community Hall at Coronet Bay.
The purpose of the meeting was to ascertain if there was an interest in establishing a community garden at Coronet Bay, and the large number of enthusiastic attendees at the inaugural meeting answered the question emphatically – interest is definitely there.
At the introductory segment of the meeting it was clear that not only is the concept a ‘goer’ but the aspects of growing and sharing food produced in the garden was highlighted.
So too was the secondary bonus – socialisation, new friendships, and an opportunity to give back to the community.
The Community Garden concept stemmed from respective interest of two local ladies, Mary Clarke and Sue McLeish.
From diverse backgrounds in education and aged care, the interest in such a venture evolved from informal chats.
Mary and Sue felt that the time was right for Coronet Bay.
They excitedly shared ideas about how to move forward.
A short address at the Coronet Bay Residents and Ratepayers recent AGM got the project rolling.
Mary and Sue felt that a letterbox drop was the most efficient means of getting news of this meeting to the hundreds of people living in and/or visiting Coronet Bay.
After a couple of days walking around the whole of
Coronet Bay, the job was done, then wait and see.
The large number at the meeting was an obvious indication of interest, and a lively discussion came up with enthusiastic and valuable comments to ensure a successful start.
Nominations were confirmed for key roles and committee members for a working group.
Plans were put in place to seek the necessary permissions; and assistance to be sought as soon as possible.
“It would be wonderful if the fruit and vegetables for the 2019 Community Christmas Dinner held in the hall each year, all came from the gardens!” Mary said.
The Coronet Bay Community Garden will be non-profit organisation manned by volunteers, providing opportunities for developing physical and mental wellbeing through experiencing intergenerational and cultural social inclusion.
The group will enjoy fresh air, exercise, and benefit from the knowledge and skills gained; as well as in the sharing of fresh produce.
Anyone interested in becoming involved in the project or wishing to assist in any way can contact Don McLeish on 0411 565 691 or Claudee Murphy 0401 507 030