Interesting letter from John Hart of Warragul last week and he is correct in saying that Russell Broadbent is on the record as affirming his acceptance of the science underlying climate change projections.
That is exactly what makes his voting against every action in the Australian Parliament that has been designed to curb our emissions and mitigate the effects of climate change, so absurd.
He understands the damage and why it is being caused yet he votes along party lines so that Australia continues to burn coal.
He was one of the Coalition MPs who voted, in 2014, to remove Julia Gillard’s Carbon Price. This charge was actually working, bringing down emissions and making the fossil fuel industry pay.
Right after it was removed our emissions started on their upward climb again!
Russell Broadbent has been in parliament for a long time now and has made no effort whatsoever to mitigate the effects of climate change! How can someone who understands the science and has the ability to act just sit on their hands to appease the party?
To say that Broadbent “refuses to represent his constituents who acknowledge the current climate change science” is 100 per cent true.
He has failed to represent all constituents when it comes to climate change action and now we will be paying for the huge cost of his, and the Liberal Party’s inaction, for generations to come.
The people of Monash need a representative who will truly represent us and ensure that we have a future that is as good as it can be. The evidence suggests, that is not Russell Broadbent.
Glenn Sullivan, Wonthaggi.