I am writing on the urgent need for local councils, businesses and households to act immediately on the climate emergency we are facing.
We have 12 years, if we are lucky, to transition to clean energy and finish with fossil foolery for good. This requires urgent action.
Bush fires, record high temperatures on land and in the sea, destruction of forests and greedy corporates who have privatised our river waters have led to a “perfect storm” with the potential to make large parts of our country unliveable.
Experts did not anticipate this to happen so quickly. We cannot ignore it.
What areas will be habitable? Where will food be grown?
Gippsland councils need to declare a climate emergency and plan urgently for strategic risk management to deal with the threats of extreme weather, coastal erosion and farming sustainability.
Local businesses need to help farmers and others who are most at risk in our warming world. Communities need to look after each other in the heatwaves to come.
We can turn this around if we act now.
Who’s with me?
Jessica Harrison, Wonthaggi.