THE Australian dairy industry is on the brink of a data revolution, with new technologies such as genomics, farm automation and sensors generating unprecedented volumes and details of data.
The challenge now is to develop tools that enable farmers to make sense of this data and use it to make better management decisions.
Delegates at Herd ’19 – the industry’s herd improvement conference to be held in Bendigo on March 19 and 20 – will hear from a variety of speakers about the data game changes in the dairy industry and their impact on breeding, genetics and mastitis management and much more.
Speakers include:
• Scott Rathbone, CRC Agrisolutions: Animal monitoring technologies.
• Dr John Penry, University of Melbourne: data-driven mastitis management in a future without dry cow therapy.
• Professor Ben Hayes, University of Queensland: genomic insights from other industries.
• Dr Jennie Pryce, Agriculture Victoria: vision for MIR technology.
Dairy farmers on the program include:
• Craig Lister, northern Victoria: Embracing change.
• Tim Jelbart, Gippsland: Farm decisions based on data.
• Farmer Tim, Canada: Influencing public perceptions of farming via social media.
• Paul Stammers, northern Victoria: Dairy careers for the next generation.
Held once every two years, Herd ’19 is a major highlight on the herd improvement calendar.
DataGene’s Michelle Axford is on the organising committee and looking forward to seeing Herd ‘19 tackle the convergence of data technologies and herd improvement.
“The Australian dairy industry is making big leaps with data management and Herd ’19 is a great opportunity to discover the likely impact on herd improvement, more broadly on farm and the people that make it happen,” she said.
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