A PRESERVED five-metre shark – which died in 1998 – will be removed from an abandoned building in Bass.
Police have received up to a dozen calls
a night over the last two weeks, regarding trespassers.
The abandoned Wildlife Wonderland Giant Earthworm Museum, near the Bass Caltex off the Bass Highway, has been a popular spot for homeless people and vandals since it closed seven years ago.
The chemical formaldehyde, which is preserving the shark, will also be removed.
According to the Department of Health, splashes of formaldehyde in the eyes can
cause irritation, corrosion of the cornea, and possibly blindness.
Despite the danger, there have been attempts to smash the glass.
The museum has also been the subject of many complaints from residents.
Last year, residents wrote to the local council outlining their concerns about trespassers at the museum.
A video online from late last year shows mattresses, furniture and rubbish scattered throughout the building.
The residents called on the Bass Coast Shire Council to force the owner to clean it up and remove any hazardous structures.
The Wildlife Wonderland Giant Earthworm Museum was an attraction with giant, three-metre earthworms and other exhibits, before closing in 2012.
According to a media report at the time,
the operator was managing the museum without a licence and had been evicted by the
property owners.
The council’s general manager of advocacy, economy and liveability, Allison Jones, said the property is privately owned and therefore unauthorised access is not permitted.
“Council has been working with the owner to secure the buildings on this site in order to prevent unauthorised access,” she said on Thursday.
“Council is aware that the EPA (Environment Protection Authority) has provided the owner of the property with advice on how to appropriately dispose of the shark display. Disposing of the shark display is the responsibility of the property owner.”