AN ADVICE message issued by Vic Emergency and the CFA for Labertouche, Longwarry North, Drouin West earlier today, Thursday, February 28 has now been declared “ALL CLEAR”.

The advice notice related to a grass and scrub fire at Labertouche that wasn’t under control this morning.

The grass and scrub fire was travelling in a southerly direction.

But local residents have now been advised to resume normal activities although some emergency services personnel remain in the area.

Change later

Senior Meteorologist from the Bureau of Meteorology Victoria, Richard Carlyon has also warned of hot, dry weather over the next few days and a delay to the cool change on Sunday.

* Heatwave conditions continue across Victoria for the remainder of the week

* He has noted fire danger areas for tomorrow and Saturday

* Provided details of cool change on Sunday – now looks to reach Melbourne later

* Chance of dry storms with the change

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