I just want to share about the wonderful farm gate we have at Wonthaggi’s doorstep.
I used to shop at Goshen Farm’s little road side vegie table last year when it was just a little honesty box stuck to a tree about one minute past Mitre 10 on the road to Cape Paterson from Wonthaggi.
Now you just go around the back of the farm, turning at that first fork in the road on the way to Cape, take the veer right and a few feet past the fork is their gorgeous farm, and beautiful new shop full of their current freshly pulled vegies.
The shop is so tasteful and has a fridge for the lettuces and stir fry vegies etc and it feels to peaceful and quiet. How lucky are we?
The lovely couple who run it have created such a beautiful place to buy fresh out of the ground vegetables and seem to have quite a bit of current ripe fruit and veg.
I have been so wanting a genuine farm gate chemical free place to shop for a long time and now it’s here.
I can’t recommend it enough.
Mary-Anne Peters.