Well, the ragwort certainly put on a dynamic show this year. It was the best I’ve ever seen it. Next year it will be even better!
I don’t believe I’m flogging a dead horse here because it is very obvious that the better part of the farming community is extremely angered by the appalling lack of government support in the matter of weed control.
The Catchment & Lands Protection Act of 1994 states blatantly that the government is legally responsible for the control of noxious weeds.
This means that their wispy-natured non-compliance policy of turning the other cheek is highly illegal!
I’ve had this non-compliance smokescreen thrown at me many times and have been assured that this policy is not going to change.
Well, hello! Laws are put in place for a reason.
If I break the law I am penalised. Excuse me, but the government is breaking its own law by not enforcing noxious weed control.
They are allowing hotbeds of farmland to degrade past the point of no return. They have lines like “we don’t have the resources” which to me reads something like “we’ve got to pay our CEOs and put into our pension fund.”
We pay our taxes. If I don’t fulfil my job description I get the sack. No question about it.
The government department legally responsible for the control of noxious weeds is not fulfilling its job description and ought to be made to resign.
Further to that, it seems to me that a class action would be highly appropriate.
This degradation needs to be stopped.
It’s lucky for me that I’m now a pensioner, having paid my taxes all these years.
I’m going to need all that extra time up my sleeve to control my escalating weed problem.
Christine Webb.