ONE of the first stories I covered at the Sentinel-Times when I started here in 2005 was the imminent closure of the Korumburra saleyards.
We all know how long it took to clean the up the site after that final sale and how frustrated residents and business people became as the entrance to the town became a weed infested mess for years.
Now, as I prepare to depart, townspeople are concerned that something similar is happening all over again.
There’s evidence at least one of the former pre-school centres in the middle of town is being used as a place for drug users to inject.
Swabs and syringes have been left on the floor of the now empty building. Does a similar fate await the senior citizens building in Radovick Street should the club be moved to the proposed community hub?
Then there’s the proposed supermarket that’s facing delays. It is understood the council is keen to knock over the heritage listed homes in King Street at the site as soon as next month.
Understandably, there’s a section of the community that wants a guarantee that the supermarket will go ahead before the wrecking ball bowls over the homes, the library and the Federation Art Gallery.
They don’t want to be left with another barren piece of prime real estate for months or years – however long it takes to sort out the deal between the owner, the South Gippsland Shire and the developer.
Anyway, it’s been an honour to sit in the editor’s chair for 12 years here. We do live in the best part of the world and we at the Sentinel-Times would love for it to remain that way.
To all our readers, advertisers, and those who submit letters and articles on behalf their club or organisation – thank you so much. We couldn’t do it without you!
I’m moving on to greener pastures – literally, not metaphorically. The great outdoors awaits. I’ll probably see you around.