Keefer after being presented with his official Nitro Circus helmet.

Keefer performing a backside air out of the X-Games mega ramp.

NYORA skateboarding prodigy Keefer Wilson, 11, will be touring this month’s Nitro Circus shows in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.
After competing in last years X-Games in Sydney in the Big Air event, Keefer was noticed by Nitro Circus.
“My favourite trick is a McTwist, I do a spin and then a front flip and then land,” Keefer recalls.
This is done airing out of the 30ft quarter pipe, landing back into the transition.
Keefer is aiming to land a 720 spin (two rotations) over the 25ft gap jump at the
Melbourne event.
Keefer is home-schooled and trains almost every day on his backyard mega ramp.
The mega ramp facility, Mega Ranch was built by his father Peter after some controversy.
The original location of the ramp was disputed by neighbours but has now been moved to an agreed location on the property and rebuilt to international standards.
This is the only mega ramp in Australia. Many athletes who wish to pursue such professional extreme sports are often forced to move to America where there are better facilities.
In a world that has become overloaded with rules and regulations, the Mega Ranch and the Nitro Circus in common like to push athletes’ abilities in the safest possible environment.
The Nitro Circus tour connects extreme sports athletes, performing death-defying stunts with a live audience.
Riders often perform tricks that are world firsts, pushing the limits of their sports, and personal safety.
Keefer will be joined on the tour by fellow Australians Ryan Williams (scooter and BMX), Blake ‘Bilko’ Williams (freestyle motocross rider) and more.
Keefer is also looking forward to meeting the man behind the Nitro Circus Travis Pastrana, who was the first person to land a double back-flip on a motorbike in competition in 2006.