By Nathan Johnston

TEN years after Black Saturday, we’ve been reminded just how important our volunteer firefighters are with bushfires burning across the state, including our own backyard at Grantville.
After 2009, following the tragic loss of so many lives, numerous changes were introduced resulting from the Royal Commission.
The way we receive bushfire information is one of the many improvements to make us safer.
What hasn’t improved, though, is the number of volunteer firefighters.
Some will say Daniel Andrews’ dealings with the United Firefighters Union has deterred volunteers in the bush.
But others say it’s not a big issue. The main problem is senior members retiring, and not enough youngsters coming through.
What was clear from what happened at Grantville at the weekend, was that the volunteers on the ground, with help from above, kept that huge bushfire contained mostly to the nature reserve.
Homes and lives were at risk. Dozens of alerts via email, text and over the radio told us so.
Yes, technology has improved to make our lives safer, but what has improved to make volunteering the with CFA more enticing?
The numbers would suggest not enough.