Congratulations to our Mayor. I was very happy to see the article about our Mayor Cr Brett Tessari on Tuesday, February 12 about ‘Cleaning up our town’.
I am a Wonthaggi girl who has been living in NSW for the past 12 years. I returned ‘home’ to live permanently again 12 months ago.
The first thing that I noticed were the dirty footpaths and arcades (all of them) in the business areas.
When my late husband and I were in business here, the shopkeepers swept outside their shops every morning, cleaning up the dirt and cigarette butts etc, and they also regularly washed their shop-front windows.
This was a “social occasion” as everyone would stop to chat.
What has happened to our pride in our beautiful town?
As the song says “There’s a part of our heart in Wonthaggi, and it is calling us, calling us Home”.
Flo Crawford, Bass.