NERRENA’S Cassie Houston is officially a ‘koala-fied’ photographer, after her snap of a koala sitting on a clothesline went viral.
The photo, taken in her backyard, was shared on the Facebook page – which has more than 8.2 million followers.
Cassie spotted the koala on Saturday, January 19.
“We’d been camping the night before and came home to find him up there,” she said last week.
“We suspect our dog may have guided his choice of ‘tree’ while he tried to cross our yard, so we kept the dog inside overnight and he let himself back out of the yard under the cover of darkness that night.”
Cassie said her kids were very excited to see the healthy, happy little local stop by for a visit.
“We have lots of native animals in our area and often spot koalas in our trees, but this was definitely a first on the washing line,” Cassie said.
“There’s a large patch of bush over the other side of our road so you very often hear them at night.”
Between the koalas, kangaroos and wombats, she says it’s always a slow drive down the road at night time.