Rosie was pumped clean of formaldehyde last Tuesday.

AFTER seven years in the dark, Rosie the shark is moving to a new home at Crystal World.
Due to recent internet fame and increased illegal visitors to the abandoned five-metre shark, the once star of the Wildlife Wonderland Giant Earthworm Museum has been moved to Devon Meadows.
Pumped clean of formaldehyde with the lifted tank and all, she was driven to her new resting place last week.
Although she looked aged, neighbour Carolan Adolf recalls Rosie entering the tank 20 years ago in a similar state.
“She looked a bit dry when they lowered her into the tank, but that was due to [the] preserving process,” Carolan recalls.
Carolan is an equine naturopath with experience using formaldehyde.
She worked at the business in the late 90s.
“The previous owners brought in the shark to help with business. For a while there, they were getting 40 buses a night.
“Things were great in those days, I worked with the wombats, we had a nice community.”
Wildlife Wonderland was closed in 2012 due to the then-owner operating without appropriate animal licences.
Most of the wildlife was moved to the Healesville Sanctuary, but the show-stopping shark was left behind.
The shark was accidentally caught off the South Australian coast and was originally destined for the museum at Seal Rocks.
Crystal World are in the process of restoring the tank, they are seeking donations to help with the expected $100,000 bill.
It’s likely to go on display later this year.