THE world of Bass Coast poetry has a new star, and her name is Ruby McCartney.
Ruby, 11, a student at Inverloch Primary School, produced a poetry book in class, and then accidentally left it Wonthaggi Library, where it was discovered by the library’s Official Poetry Person, Karen Bateman.
“We were immediately impressed with what we saw, and knew straight away that we wanted to share Ruby’s poems with the world,” Karen said.
“So we contacted Ruby and her parents, and we are now proud to have a Ruby McCartney display just inside the door of the library.”
Karen has said that the display, bringing free copies of Ruby’s poems to the Bass Coast world, has been really popular, and that the library is very keen to give the same treatment to other poets in the area.
“There is nothing quite like seeing a display of your work in the library and to hear people talking about it,” Karen said.
Ruby has plans to be a children’s author when she is older, and is a big fan of one of the current stars of children’s writing, David Walliams. And she is a big fan of libraries too, according to her father, Russell, with 17 books out on her library card at the moment.
“She has always been mad about books, and about libraries, and I suppose the poetry book is a way of creating and not just consuming,” Russell said.

The day I brought a lion to school!
Ruby’s discovery by the world of verse coincides with Wonthaggi Library’s latest challenge to local primary schools, which is to write a poem called, ‘The day I brought a lion to school’.
“It’s going to be absolutely great fun,” said Karen, adding that all poems will be displayed in the library and that there will be prizes for the three poems that are voted the best on display.
So get writing!