I’m writing to you in regards to the upcoming council meeting and as a show of support for the Bass Coast Shire’s plan to build a skate park in San Remo.
A regional park for the area will be enormous for a suburb heavily dependent on tourism.
Board sport culture goes hand in hand with the district and it will be of huge benefit for the youth who have no access to a quality park, where they can progress their skills.
The businesses in the area should see a steady increase in profits as regional competitions take off and visitors make their way down to use the park.
Not only that, the park has a solid support line. We may not be as vocal as the seniors at council meetings but there are 1676 local supporters of the Facebook page and we have been endlessly petitioning for a skate park in San Remo since I was a child.
I still clearly recall a friend gaining over 200 signatures of support from San Remo residents in a school project in 2004.
Please do not allow the voices of a few change the outcome of a project supported by most.
Luke Andersen.