As a former resident of San Remo, I would like to express my concern at the proposed location of the San Remo Skate Park, Marine Parade Foreshore.
I have read with interest letters to the local paper and am a little bemused by those requesting it be put at that location, most of which seem to be non-San Remo residents.
In our area we have skate parks in Wonthaggi, Cowes, Inverloch, Lang Lang, Korumburra, Koo Wee Rup and Newhaven.
How can those lobbying for this skate park suggest there are none in our local area?
Once they get bored of this one will we have to chop down more trees and pave more concrete over grass to build one their kids like? One on every corner?
Maybe we should just upgrade one of the existing parks, rather than spoiling yet another green space.
Mr Copeland, Wonthaggi.