By Kirra Grimes

TOORA-BASED milk powder manufacturer Viplus Dairy continues to expand its global reach, with the recent announcement that its products will soon be available in Indonesia.
Indonesia’s Ministry of Health granted approval for Viplus to export to Indonesia in November 2018, and with the company recently sealing a deal with a Jakarta-based distributor, its Australian-made powdered milk products are set to hit Indonesian shelves this year.
A spokesperson for Viplus said the deal, 18 months in the making, was a boon for the growing company as the Indonesian market can be difficult for Australian manufacturers to crack.
“It’s a great pleasure for us to get the approval from the Ministry of Health.
“As we know, there are not many manufacturers in Australia that have that certification and registration,” the spokesperson said.
The spokesperson said Viplus expected Indonesia to be one of its biggest overseas markets, due to its large population, and an increasing demand for dairy products driven by national government campaigns and changing demographics.
“The median age of the Indonesian population has increased to 29, which is quite young but actually is the main force of the consumption,” the spokesperson said.
“These young consumers have high salaries or increasing incomes, and aspirations to lead a ‘modern’ urban lifestyle. They’re also more concerned about their health and these factors are projected to drive demand for mass market products including dairy foods.
“The Indonesian government has also launched a national media campaign promoting the importance of calcium in the diet, and as we know, calcium comes mainly from dairy. So that’s why we think more and more people will consume Viplus.”
The expansion into Indonesia brings Viplus’ total number of export partners up to 10, including China, Singapore, Vietnam and Cambodia.
The company expects to begin exporting to the Philippines by March, 2019, and to Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia and West Africa by June.
Viplus’ Toora manufacturing plant produces 30,000-35,000 tins and 15,000 bags of powdered milk each day, with products including infant milk formula, instant full cream milk powder and nutritional supplements for adults.
That capacity is set to increase as the company plans to upgrade the facility with the introduction of new canning lines and other equipment.