LEONGATHA sprint car driver Dayn Bentvelzen recorded a massive achievement recently, coming third in the Australian Wingless Sprintcar titles.
The event, held at Premier Speedway in Warrnambool, attracted 110 entries across all seven states and territories over Friday and Saturday nights of February 22 and 23.
The preliminary event on Friday night saw every car compete in two 12-car heat races over ten laps.
Following the preliminary event, 20 heat races were completed. Points were tallied up and the top 40 cars were split into two fields of 20 to compete in Preliminary Feature races over 20 laps.
Title night on Saturday night saw every car compete in one more 10-lap heat race, before points were tallied again and the top 16 cars made it directly into the 24-car, 40-lap Championship Feature race.
The remaining eight spots from 17th to 24th were filled via several last chance races between the remaining 92 cars.
The team then managed to qualify directly into the Title Feature – starting from 14th position.
“The track was fast and the first handful of laps there were just cars wide all around me and we actually fell back a couple of spots before settling in and finally getting some space to move around,” said Dayn.
“We made our way past a few cars up to 12th before narrowly avoiding a crash in front of me the brought the yellow out, we restarted in 11th.
“We were battling to get in the top ten when a car hit the wall running the high-line in front of me and flipped several times bringing out a red flag and a 25-minute delay while he was treated in the ambulance.
“We restarted in 9th with 26 laps to go and just started passing cars on the high-line, on the bottom, and had made our way up to 4th and all over the back of 3rd before making the pass on the final lap on the high-line and finished 3rd.
“The boys Adrian, Greg and Ando never gave up all weekend on finding the setup we needed, and they nailed it for me in the feature giving me a well-balanced fast car that I could put anywhere on the track and I drove the wheels off it to reward them with a podium finish from 14th starting spot.
“The boys have spent many hours in the shed over the last couple of seasons developing the car and looking for that extra 1 per cent wherever they can find it, especially this season when the boys started studying, re-valuing and building their own shock package for the car.
“It just goes to show hard work, dedication and passion pays of and it makes results like these that much sweeter.”
Dayn would like to thank all friends and family who help and support the team.
“It wouldn’t be possible without you all, and it also wouldn’t be possible without our team partners: Troy Smethurst Gas Fitting & Plumbing, Pro Finish Concreting, Scott Szabo Excavations, C&L Stainless , HPC Coatings, Rollout Renovations, and Safetech solutions.”

Preliminary night:
• Heat 1 – started 3rd finished 2nd;
• Heat 2 – started 10th finished 4th; and
• Preliminary A feature – started 9th finished 6th.
Championship night:
• Heat 3 – started 1st finished 1st; and
• Mid-pack Feature Dash started 5th finished 6th.