I refer to your anonymous critic’s review “Parish Politics Rings True at Foster” 5 March 2019 about FAMDA’s latest production, the ‘Vicar of Dibley’ giving emphasis to the big numbers in attendance.
S/he was highly critical of FAMDA’s previous production, (actually staged by Nautilus Theatre Project in association with FAMDA) ‘A Criss-Cross Christmas’ saying “Audiences aren’t stupid” and that they stayed “away in droves” for that production.
How easy to hide behind anonymity taking pot-shots at a developing amateur theatre, in this case a production to give younger and inexperienced people a go.
I quote from the back page of the current ‘Vicar of Dibley’ program “Fourteen-year-old (ZH) first appeared on the Foster stage last December in a ‘Criss-Cross Christmas’…The support and encouragement she received made that show a highlight of her year so she relished the chance to be in this show. Her involvement in a ‘Criss-Cross Christmas’ motivated her to try new things.”
Perhaps ‘anonymous critic’, one reason there was a lower attendance for a ‘Criss-Cross Christmas’ was that it was staged right in the lead up to the busy Christmas time, a poor planning decision perhaps, but certainly not deserving of your scathing nastiness.
Marion Ryan, Foster.